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Alaska Charter Adventures & Flightseeing | Legends Aviation

This is the flight option that gives you the freedom to see what Alaska is all about.   We can get you to your remote Alaska destination.   Fishing, hiking, flightseeing, drop camps, game spotting, wildlife viewing, remote cabin sites, mining, freight and fuel haul - we do it all!   Get started on your adventure by filling out the Reservations Request Form.   Call the pilot at (907)232-2560 for more details about pricing, weight limits, and off-airport destinations.

Maule MX7
3 seats     Equipped with tundra tires for off-airport operations and skiis for winter operations.
Cessna 172
3 seats     Wheels.   Primarily for flightseeing and commuting airport to airport.
Cessna 172 Floats
2 seats     Fly out to lake or river.   Float flying is an experience in and of itself.   You'll love it!

Cessna Floatplane - Nice Fish! Camping with a Maule Floatplane With A Moose Rack Walt With Dall Sheep

Fly Alaska with Legends Aviation

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Willow, Alaska - Mile 70 George Parks Hwy

HC 89 BOX 109   Willow, AK 99688