Colony Glacier Tours

Our Colony Glacier Tours depart the Willow, Alaska airport and follows the same initial route as the Knik tour, up the Knik river valley and through the gorge to inner Lake George. This is a huge glacier lake formed by the Colony glacier at its toe. Huge ice bergs calve off this massive glacier and into the lake. The ice bergs generally have a deep blue color phase. Depending on conditions, the lake at Colony Glacier can be choked with large ice bergs.

Daily Glacier Flights – Make A Memory of a Lifetime!

The pilot brings the plane across the lake at a safe altitude and follows the Colony glacier upwards to the south east along its south fork, looking for mountain goats on the steep slopes of the valley on either side of us. We follow the glacier up to the head of the valley where vertical ice and ice falls fill the top of this valley as the glacier comes to its choke point before rolling over the pass into the ocean side of Prince William Sound. Here we are literally surrounded by ice on all sides, with stunningly blue color phases. The pilot makes a gentle 180 degree turn for panoramic photo opportunities and follows the glacier back to the north west while descending along the rock and ice walls searching for goats.

The pilot guides the plane alongside miles of ice falls rolling down to the glacier as we head towards the toe of the glacier. Here nature comes together with spectacular waterfalls, ice falls, green slopes and the glacier terminating into Lake George with occasional views of calving at the toe of the Colony. Mountain goats are a common sight on Colony Glacier Tours. The views are astounding and breathtaking. We follow the east shoreline of Lake George past Cataract Glacier, which is a hanging glacier at the top of a rock wall of cliffs, with a unique waterfall shooting out of a glacier cave. We then intercept the Knik glacier at Gannet Point and get a close up view as we gaze into the deep crevices that continue across most of the lower Knik Glacier.

We follow the Knik to the glacial lake at the toe and have the option for a landing here near the terminal moraine on a gravel bar with a short hike to the lake and ice bergs. Continuing on past the toe of the Knik, we head towards the north side of the Knik river along the mountain side to look for the white Dall sheep and moose as we work our way to our base in Willow.  This tour is almost 90 minutes, and is likely the most spectacular flight tour available in Alaska.

Colony Glacier Tour Prices

  • $594 for up to three passengers
    ($198 each).
  • $900 for up to five passengers
    ($180 each).
  • * Landing near the Glacier is $150 additionally per plane load.

    * Contact us for current specials, ask for coupon code.


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