Denali Flightseeing Tours

Our Denali flightseeing tours depart to the north from the historic gravel airstrip in rural Willow, Alaska. Mt. McKinley, North America’s highest point, can be seen from the ground in Willow as it towers 20,320 feet high.

Amazing Flight Tours to Denali

This amazing Denali flight tour will begin by following the Big Susitna River towards the Alaska Range. The pilot guides the plane north over the Peter’s Hills to intercept the Ruth Glacier located within Denali National Park. We follow the glacier as it winds through the Great Gorge, with vertical rock walls on each side.

Other glaciers and ice falls are observed along this route. This flighteeing tour continues to the base of Mount Silverthrone where the glacier’s large expanse of ice falls terminates. Spectacular close up views of the south face of Mt McKinley are in full view at this point. This magnificent scenery puts you on the edge of your seat and words cannot do justice to the thrill of this experience. The flight returns down the Ruth Glacier and drops in for a close up view of the Mountain House. We then begin a gradual descent down the west side of the Great Gorge following the Ruth Glacier against the rock walls.

Once out of Denali Park and through the gorge, we drop in for a closer look for wildlife on the return flight to Willow. There is an option to circle the “Dr. Seuss House,” 19 miles north of the Willow airport.

Denali Flight Tour Prices

  • $594 for up to three passengers ($198 each)
  • $900 for up to five passengers ($180 each)

** Add the Dr. Seuss House Tour for $100 per plane load


Mind Blowing Flight Tours to Denali – North Americas Tallest Peaks

Flight tours to Denali (also known as Mt McKinley) are mind blowing! The landscapes, rock walls, gigantic glacier flows, and towering peaks are like nothing you can see anywhere else on earth. If you’re planning a trip to Alaska be sure to make one of these tours part of your itinerary. Call Legends Aviation today to book.

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